Mental Health – Do we need to be concerned?

Everybody talks about it, but how many of us understand it?

Hello everyone, as May is considered mental health month, so I would like to share my understanding, experience, and ideology about it.

It’s a very debatable topic, and mostly every celebrity and iconic personality talks about it. But have you ever seen your parents, friends, or siblings talk to you or with you about it? I don’t think so, at least mine never did. We are so busy in our day-to-day work and, trust me, we have become slaves to our laptops and OTTs.

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From I to WE

Love is just an illusion now,

Sitting together and holding hands is a joyful dream now,

Binge watching Netflix and eating late night nachos is a fantasy now. 

What happened to the emotions that were cherished one day?

What happened to the bond that was a pride one day? 

Have difficult moments weaken you? 

 Have all those love and affection failed you? 

The efforts to beautifully embrace and grow the relationship has vanished like a broken star,

Now only the pieces of failed marriage are crawling in the house. 

Every precious moments have become the reason to blame the failure, 

That love has been buried beneath the process of overcoming the difficult situation.

This time, age and WE

Will pass like a river, that will never come back,

And you will never touch the same water back again. 


Sitting Alone, gazing the sky,

Waiting for hope to knock my door.

Too many complains,

Too many fears,

Nobody to share, except my own tears.

Loosing my mind,

Praying to break the silence.

Is it just a bad time,

Or am I living a bad life?

What is the ending point?

Where Am I going to see that light?

Where is the place that makes you feel alive?

Is it just a wave of loneliness?

Or somewhere most of us are just breathing like that.

Is it the life we were meant to live?

Or just a nick of time?

Shhh… Listen !

We all the time believe that monsters and ghosts are just a myth and they live just in our mind. But sometime an unlikely incident or chilling experience make us believe in them. Listen what happened with us when we moved to our new house.

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